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Robotail MKIV

Starting at $275



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Extremely Low Surface Contour

Designed with hyper-realistic costumes in mind, there is almost no surface texture to be translated through even the thinnest of faux furs and skins.

Pricing Details


12" Length Tail
- $275 -

A great length for canines!

24" Length Tail

- $287 -

Great for most species!

36" Length Tail

 - $299 -

A great length for any great cat!

Custom Length Tail

- $349 -

Any size between 12" and 36" can be custom made with all the same features!

- $50 -

Take control of your tail at any time with this one handed remote!

Belt Clip Add-on
- $15 -

Wear your tail casually, without a harness, by simply clipping it to your pants!

Flange Add-on
- $15 -

Incorporate your tail directly into a costume with this sew-able rubber flange!

Blank Baseplate Add-on
- $10 -

Tailor the feel of your tail with a baseplate you can customize!

Arduino Programming Shield
- $20 -

Easily tweak the coding of your tail and controller with this easy to use Arduino shield!

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