Define "Magnificus"

"Magnificus"  - adjective

Latin: magnus + ficus. 

  1. "magnus," meaning great

  2. "ficus," denoting the making of

The name "Mechanical Magnificus" is actually inspired by a wizard from a DND campaign.


Current Products & Services



The only resin-style fursuit claws that work with your smart phone!
Any color you want with a variety of styles: metallic, glow, sparkle, pearlescent, solid, and more!

All claws set of 10: Price TBD

Custom shape: Price TBD


Robotail MKIV

The most advanced consumer animatronic tail! Seriously!

This item is not currently for sale as a new version is currently being developed. We still invite you to see the features of the prototype that made us who we are today.


Magnificus T-Shirt

Declare war on boring and show your love of where magic and science meet!

Any size: $10


3D Printing

Send us your .stl files to 3D print on our own IDEX FDM printer or resin SLA printer! Take advantage of dual material, dual color, and large area in a variety of materials or achieve extreme detail and smoothness in a variety of UV cure resins. Patrons and furries receive exclusive discounts!

All printing starting at just $5!

For information on how to purchase any of these products, contact us using the resources below!


Current & Future Projects


Robotail MKVI

Progress: 75%

Design goals

Low surface contour

Complex articulation

Highly durable

Fluid autonomous movement

Ease of integration

Contact Us

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